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diagnosticsOne of the best ways to make sure your vehicle makes it to that magic 300,000 mark is to keep up with your factory-scheduled maintenance in Portland, OR. Do you still have your vehicle’s owner’s manual? If so, flip to the very back and you will see a full list of what your car will need over its lifetime and at what mile markers it will need these services. Is your car overdue for factory-scheduled maintenance in Portland, OR? If so, bring it to the experts at Honest Auto Repair and let our team get you current.

Factory-Scheduled Maintenance Portland OR

Factory scheduled maintenance is an important part of vehicle ownership. Regular maintenance can prevent major mechanical problems, keep your car running efficiently, and extend the life of your automobile. It’s important to stay on top of factory-scheduled maintenance so that you can ensure that you are preventing possible costly repairs down the road. The best way to stay up to date on this type of care is to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specifically required maintenance intervals and then have our qualified technicians follow the schedule. Doing so will ensure that your car runs as long as possible, with no unexpected breakdowns in cost or performance.

What Is Included With Factory-Scheduled Maintenance?

Factory-scheduled maintenance usually covers the basic check-up of the engine and related systems like oil changes, tire rotations, filter changes, and other services such as checking lights, brakes, and suspension. These check-ups are often recommended every 12-15,000 miles or annually, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Performing regular factory-scheduled maintenance helps protect your vehicle investment and can extend the lifespan of parts while decreasing everyday wear and tear on the car itself. Investing time in factory-scheduled maintenance will help ensure your vehicle runs well over its lifetime.

Factory-Scheduled Maintenance Near Me

If you’ve checked your owner’s manual, or it has simply been a while, and you are due for factory-scheduled maintenance in Portland, Oregon, your best bet is to trust the experts at Honest Auto Repair. Our team has the equipment and know-how to keep your car perfectly maintained and updated on its services. Just come by or make an appointment, and we’ll have your vehicle running better than ever!

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