steering and suspensionDo you suspect there is a problem with your vehicle? Do you simply want to be sure there’s not? At Honest Auto Repair, our team offers several auto inspections to give you peace of mind that your vehicle will be able to keep up with your lifestyle. Our team can do everything from pre-purchase inspections when you are purchasing a new vehicle to mandated state inspections to even pre-road trip inspections in Portland, OR.

Pre-Purchase Inspections Portland OR

A pre-purchase inspection before buying a used vehicle can help you avoid costly problems later down the road. Our experienced technicians will inspect the vehicle’s major components, from the engine and transmission to brakes, suspension, radiator, and exhaust system. The pre-purchase inspection includes checking for leaks or other signs of damage and wear, testing electrical systems, looking over exterior bodywork, inspecting tires, estimating remaining tire life, and much more. With this comprehensive pre-purchase evaluation by our experienced technicians, vehicle buyers can decide whether or not they should go through with the purchase.

State Inspections Portland OR

State auto inspections help keep vehicles safe and in compliance with state regulations. These inspections require inspecting a number of components, such as headlights, brake lights, tires, engine performance, or any type of warning signs. The state auto inspection process can also check for visible signs that the vehicle is not working correctly and include an emissions test to ensure the car is not producing too many harmful pollutants. By completing state auto inspections and sticking to state regulations regularly, drivers can help keep the air clean and everyone on the roads safer.

Pre-Road Trip Inspections Portland OR

Are you planning on hitting the road with the family soon? To make sure you vehicle is up to the task, why not get a pre-road trip inspection from the experts at Honest Auto Repair? Our team will inspect every inch of your vehicle for potential problems or things that could cut your road trip plans short. Just let our team take a look before you hit the road!

Inspections Near Me

No matter what kind of auto inspections in Portland, Oregon, your vehicle, or prospective vehicle, needs, the team at Honest Auto Repair is here to help. With inspections from our talented technicians, you can be sure whatever you are driving is in good shape and can get you to your destination. And if it isn’t? We offer quality and comprehensive auto repair to help get and keep everything in good working order. Simply make an appointment or swing by our shop today!

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